GLOBAL GRANT: Mobile Cancer Clinic

CP Cathy Tindoy
RC JP Laurel Malacanang

Breast and cervical cancer are the top cancers in the Philippines which are increasing due to lack of awareness on early detection and free access to screening or health facilities especially for those who live below the poverty line. This is a growing public health problem that needs to be addressed. The high cost of diagnosing and treatment are major problems affecting how cancer is treated and prevented in the Philippines.

The Mobile Cancer Clinic is a provision of free breast and cervical cancer screening through a) clinical breast examination and b) visual inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA). This mobile facility will be implemented in several cities, municipalities or barangays where help is undefined. Upon positive results for the VIA, patients will be treated with cryotherapy and if needed to undergo further tests through ultrasounds and free treatment for positive patients through accredited government hospitals for treatment at no cost.

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The Rotary Club of Manila JP Laurel Malacanang, chartered in 2016, started doing screening in partnership with the Philippine Cancer Society in the areas of Cavite, Pangasinan, Paranaque and Mandaluyong, with the aim to help the organization to combat cancer in the country. The club members started helping the cancer survivors by giving them handmade bandanas from students of Ramon Magsaysay Manila and by bringing them to Eat Bulaga to uplift their spirits. We also gave gifts to the children in Child Haus, a place for free to cancer patients of PGH. The club made a series of screenings in Pangasinan, Trece Martirez Cavite, Correctional in Mandaluyong, and Paranaque using personal cars and improvised clinics in the community if the old bus of Philippine Cancer Society is not in good condition.

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With The Rotary Foundation together with the International partners the Korean District 3690, RC Goyang, RC Goyang Eoulrim and RC Goyang Myungmoon and District 3810, the Mobile Cancer Clinic will be made available, effective, and viable in all remote areas with limited access to a health facility.

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The TRF Mobile cancer clinic is a complete set up and designed specifically for breast and cervical screening , treatment with equipment of ultrasounds and cryotherapy to manage cervical lesions. It will be staffed by registered doctors, nurses from Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center and Philippine Cancer Society which will work with community partners. We will also partner with employers through our workplace program to bring free cancer screening services to their employees while they are at work.

BANDANAS became the flagship of the club symbolizing HOPE and CARE to all the patients and survivors. The club became the go to Club in the district for cancer patients who need help and treatment, and from thereon do annual projects about cancer awareness.

Indeed Rotary changes lives. With the continued support of the Rotary Foundation, everything will be possible to those who BELIEVE and CARE. Donations to the Rotary Foundation will help reach many countries all over the world.