GLOBAL GRANT: Medical Virus Test Immunization Mobile Van (Global Grant #GG2119485)

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SDG Catalina Babes Calledo
RC Lubang Island

The ever changing landscape of the world and the realms of the pandemic crisis had hit the crossroads of every country in the whole world. COVID-19 had entered and put everyone’s perspective differently. With the reality that struck everyone, especially the frontliners doing the their heroic deeds day in and day out to be in line with the COVID 19 fire, the question right now is, how can we mitigate to cover and protect the life of our frontliners?


This Medical Virus Test Immunization Mobile Van Project is the idea of TP Fidel Malbas which he presented to IPDG Leody “Odie” Tarriela. Unfortunately since the club of TP Fidel has just been chartered, they are not eligible to apply for Global Grant (GG). IPDG Odie asked TP Fidel if our club, RC Lubang Island can apply this very timely project and TP Fidel agreed.

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I was tasked by TP Ariel Dimalibot to spearhead the project. I immediately called our International Partner, PP Ruth Martinez of RC Melbourne, RI District 9800 and they agreed to be our partner again. We applied the GG on October 2020 and the fund was released on February 2021.

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This Medical Mitigation Platform (MMP) has already been put into battlegrounds during the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS); Swine Origin Influenza (H1N1); Avian Flu (H1N7) and now with the ever unassuming and deadly behavior of the Corona Virus 2019-SARS-CoV-2 (COVID 19).

This international program contributes to assist and save lives by providing portable medical van to screen, swab sampling, and immunize 458,000 residents in the group of islands of Occidental Mindoro. It is viewed that this project is in line with Rotary International’s area of focus “Fighting Disease” and saving lives in developing country. This will also mitigate the risk of exposure of front liners and medical staff. This will also remove the delays in getting swab samples from Patient Under Investigation to the hospitals. We further enhanced the project by installing washing area and providing water tank for potable water. This is in line with TRF area of focus “Water, Sanitation and Hygiene”

To sustain the project, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with San Jose District Hospital (SJDH), the recipient of the mobile van. The Mobile Van was turned over to SJDH last May 2021 and we are now documenting the final report.