GLOBAL GRANT: Health Service Strengthening thru Donation of X-ray Machine to Taytay Emergency Hospital (GG2096307)

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LCP Chris So
RC Paco

The donation of X-ray machine is a joint project of Rotary Club of Paco and Rotary Club of Ube Nishi, Japan. This project is worth $98,000 and was proposed during Rotary Year 2019-2020 where the Presidents were Champion President Edzel Bert Canlas of RC Paco Manila and Dr. Fumihiko Shinozaki of RC Ube Nishi.

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Both club conducted the community assessment in Taytay Emergency Hospital headed by Dr. Jeffrey Roxas and decided to donate the Digital X-ray Machine unit to the hospital. Taytay Rizal is now the first Province of Rizal to have the latest model of Shimadzu Digital Inverter X-ray Machine

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The main objective of this project is to provide needed medical supplies and equipment that primarily serves rural communities. This new X-ray Machine unit can reduce the waiting time for patients, bring efficiency in medical treatment, increase the number of patients that can be treated efficiently, and enhance data management. This machine will be a big help for the diagnosis of COVID-19. The X-ray machine unit can produce the biggest effect since it contributes to the treatment of 300-400 patients and visitors per day.

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Taytayeños can now avail the services of the X-ray machine without any charges. This project shall also benefit students in the different fields of medicine who are undergoing on-the-job training thru actual experience in the use and benefits of an state of the art medical equipment such as X-ray Machine.

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This X-ray Machine Project was extended to the term of Transformational President Alex Delos Santos where the funding was released and installation was signed, and also during his term was the initiation of the special services of the X-ray machine in every Taytayeños and continuing the services up to this day .