GLOBAL GRANT: A Life Changing Water


PP Sallie Lacson
RC Hiyas ng Bacoor

The intention of touching the lives of the people in different communities and learning from their experiences inspired us the Rotarians of the lone all women rotary club in District 3810, the Rotary Club of Hiyas ng Bacoor, to continue to share and give to The Rotary Foundation. Slowly we see how the foundation works to match a Rotarian contribution to pursue a grant benefiting the less fortunate one. From a 100% match to 50% match and to no match to Rotarian contribution to global grants, our Rotarians continue to share globally even if it means contributing more not only by us the local Rotarians, but also by our international partner too making the grant application a habitual action to them. This happens as our respective Districts support and walk us through the annual grant management seminars.


From our first global grant on the “Basic Education and Literacy” project GG#26221 in 2013 entitled “Let Me Read” at Niog Elementary School and GG1638492 in 2016 entitled “Room For Learning” at Habay Elementary School, these grants provided a decent Library with books, visual aid and computers for the students. Even their parents can read books at the waiting area outside the library while waiting for their children. Our International partner from RC Yoshikawa Japan District 2770 generously gave their support and assistance to complete a global grant project. They visited the project from groundbreaking to turn over.


Neither do Rotarians at our club know that we will be able to help serve two “Basic education and Literacy” and six “Water, Hygiene and Sanitation” projects of Rotary’s seven Area of Focus at different locations from our global grant do uplift the spirit of sharing and giving. Starting at Gawaran National High School GG 1861699 “Safe & Pure Water for Life” in 2017 followed by “Inspiring Water Station” GG#1979847 in 2018 at Malagasang II Elementary School in Imus, our first project outside Bacoor.

GG1191196 Water Saves Life

In 2020, simultaneous global grant with two different clubs from District 3670 of South Korea namely RC Jeonju Keelin and RC Mujigae, our beneficiary then was the Ligas Elementary School for GG#1191196 “Water Saves Life” and San Nicolas Elementary School for GG#2092821 “Champion Water Station”. From a community assessment performed by the members of RC Hiyas ng Bacoor, the need for an affordable purified drinking water accompanied by trainings on hygiene and sanitation in cooperation with the school administration and the Parents Teachers Association. Technical training for maintenance and operation of their water stations were also provided prior to turn over.

GG2092821 Champion Water Station

Access to purified drinking water is a challenge to the people in different communities during COVID 19 like the riverbank of Barangay Molino VI for our ongoing GG#2123612 “Water Transform Lives”. Coordinating the “Hygiene and Sanitation” training for this project helps lessen the transmission of disease carrying COVID 19 virus. The importance of proper hand washing with clean water in and outside the home if learned by heart will minimize the risk of infection and reduce the risk of death.

library project

With the District 3810 thrust and help, the fight for covid 19 did not stop there, in July 2021 RC Jeonju Keelin and RC Hiyas ng Bacoor again identified another global grant water project under GG 2230209 “Life Changing Water Station” now waiting for funds for the community of Barangay Zapote 1, benefiting the 7,319 residents living in the low-lying land near the coastal area of the City of Bacoor. Working on sustainability with the help of Samahang Magkakapitbahay Barangay Zapote I, the Barangay Administration and the City Health Office, this global grant has been approved. Access to clean water enables people to unlock their potential, transform and change their lives, giving them a chance to have a productive and fulfilling future. The effort of the Rotarians of the Rotary Club of Hiyas ng Bacoor will continually expand and strive to ensure that more families can experience the life-changing power of clean water.