Getting Your Business Online: Go Digital ASEAN Equips District 3810 with Free Digital Skills Training 

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LCP Rex Pajenado

Technology has developed a lot over the last few years, however, a lot of  businesses that could generate good use of this change have chosen to avoid or not accept these changes in reconstructing their businesses and the latent business  models. These businesses will find it difficult to continue business as usual in the  prevailing environment of ambiguity.

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More than one year after the start of the pandemic, the prolonged quarantine institutive actions, along with the lockdown, have vigorously affected the business  operations and national economy. While the lockdown has been a crucial option for  containing the pandemic, it has unavailingly impaired micro, small, and medium-sized  enterprises (MSMEs). Targeting to close the digital gap, the Rotary Club of Manila Fort  Santiago has partnered with The Asia Foundation | Go Digital ASEAN Philippines with  support from to provide free digital literacy training to MSMEs and Filipinos  to gear them with technological skills and necessary online tools to engage in the digital  economy and surmount the economic brunt brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Last August 13 and 14, the Rotary Club of Manila Fort Santiago together with 23  co-host clubs conducted a successful 2-day digital skills training entitled “Getting Your  Business Online” with the Go Digital ASEAN’s senior trainer, Mr. Raf De Guzman as the  Resource speaker. The online training was attended by RI District 3810 officials, District  Secretary Edwin Seymour Chiu, Chief of Staff, Vilma Vinluan, district officers,  Life Changing Presidents, and club members comprising 78 attendees.

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The course aims for participants to access and maximize online resources for  business growth. Topics in the training covered both the conceptual aspects and  practical tools that can help enhance an enterprise’s development and operation. It  provides an overview of the best practices, emerging trends, and key developments in  the digital economy. It also discussed the different tools for product and experience  promotion, basic online customer service practices, key social media platforms, and  financial technology for small businesses.

Yours truly encouraged all fellow Life Changing Presidents and Rotarians to  share the knowledge and digital skills that they gain to their respective communities to  grab new opportunities and counter traditional threats due to their readiness for such  eventualities. And also to help MSMEs shift online through the use of online digital  platforms in promoting their products and innovate their financial access in order to  prosper during this time of the pandemic.