Five Peso for End Polio

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LCP Chai Mercado
LC AdSec Edward Pangilinan

Rotary has been working for 35 years to eradicate polio. And in the Philippines, as a founding partner of Global Polio Eradication Initiative, 99.9% of cases have been reduced since its first project to vaccinate children in the country in 1979. With all that been said, up until today Rotary is still advocating the campaign to reach the finish of ending the virus from killing the dreams of its victims.

To support Rotary, Rotary International and Global Polio Eradication Initiative, and its victims, RC Rosario with the leadership of LCP Cynthia “Chai” Mercado in partnership with RAC Teatro de Salinas LCP Penelofi Condol, started our “Five Peso for End Polio” signature campaign.

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One sign is equivalent to a (PhP 5) five peso coin and every signature ticket has 100 slots to be signed equivalent to (PhP 500) five hundred pesos. As of today we’re 30% done with our first 50 signature tickets and collected (PhP 7500) seven thousand five hundred pesos fund and expecting for 25000 pesos from full fund collection from the signature campaign.

“In behalf of  RC Rosario, I am so blessed and thankful for SDG Sonny Mercado, his initiative and creativity brought us to this campaign. We are hoping that people will look up to this opportunity to extend their help in the eradication of the Polio Virus”, LCP Chai said.

“We have always been supporting this cause, we’re almost there. When we launched Five Peso for End Polio campaign there were so many of them who initiated to give their sign and their donations. I believe that it will reach for more, let’s continue to advocate this campaign, let’s serve to change lives”, SDG Sonny shared.

Our coin can reach more than what we think. With our small efforts, collectively, we can create big opportunity. Let’s help eradicate Polio, End Polio Now. Let your coin travel, bringing our hopes of serving to change lives.