Finding True Happiness in Sharing

PP/DAD Girlie Siasat-Segubre

“Where your pleasure is, there is your treasure; where your treasure, there your heart; Where your heart , there your happiness .” – St. Augustine

We are stewards of God’s creation and we are gifted to take care of the people who need our help.  We have also the opportunity to share what we have and to empathize to those who don’t have enough to sustain their daily lives. It is in sharing that we value people and we felt we are valued too.  Sharing is a blessing because it makes you more significant than you are.  It means to give to those in need of “our diversity” and our resources for everyone’s well-being.  The saying goes, “the more you give to others, the more life you will receive.” We cannot imagine how the world looks like without practicing the value of mutual help.

As Rotarians, together with common desire, we share our skills, expertise, time and treasure to support the 7 Areas of Focus of Club’s Community Service such as Basic Education and Literacy, Disease Prevention and Treatment, Peace and Conflict Resolution, Maternal and Child Care, Water Sanitation and Treatment, Economic and Community Development, and Protecting the Environment.  Through the Rotary’s Global Grant and the District Fund, the district clubs are given financial assistance for the accomplishment of their eligible community projects that will result to sustainable impacts.  This is an essential culture of the Rotarians, the culture of sharing.

The Rotary Club of Carmona as of to date, has one member who was also our past president who shared her treasure to be the major Paul Harris Level 3 donor, a total of 21 Paul Harris Fellows, 100% EREY Club members every year and with 7 Sustaining Paul Harris Fellows. We also contribute annually to the End Polio Campaign of the Rotary International and regular subscribers of the Rotary International Magazine.   This Rotary Year 2021-2022, the club has settled its semi-annual dues as early as July and last September all the accounts were paid  by our club through the efforts of the Life Changing President Patrick Doloroso. LCP Patrick is this year’s Paul Harris Fellow.

The club is happy to receive the District Grant with a total amount of P25,000.00  and this is intended for the Rotary Bench to be constructed at the Children’s Community Park, located at Cityland Subdivision, Mabuhay, Carmona, Cavite. Such project is the flagship project of the club and to be financed through sponsorship program.

We will try our best that every Rotary Year, we will share to the Rotary Foundation because we do believe that in our own little way we make the difference in transforming the lives of the people across the world and that is where true happiness is found.