Finding Ace in the basic learning for PDLs of BJMP Naic.

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By: IPP Aris Williamere A Villaester

Education is essential to better life in this day and age. Social problems taught us that lack of education results to poverty. Poverty stems from lack of employment opportunities. We have observed that a number of PDLs are illiterate, uneducated and unskilled. This is unfathomable as national government has made public education free of charge. Obviously, their parents are to blame. As damage has already been done, and they are now here with us in the jail, we will try to be a responsible pseudo parent by instilling in them the value of learning. Why learning and not education? Learning is an attitude that will drive them to desire to acquire knowledge and skills. Education on the other hand is a regimented structure that may be too complicated for them as illiterate adults. They are here brought by the absence of education, values, and opportunities. The jail will transform their character and instill good values in them. 

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Teacher Ace taught the PDLs the ABC of writing and speaking. As expected, he made learning an entertaining activity. This is spark or impetus for the desire to learn and acquire knowledge. Every letter they learn is powerful tool to changing their lives for the better. This will also change the lives of their children as they will foster the value of learning in them. 

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Rotary Club of Tagaytay City and BJMP Naic are steadfast and relentless in its campaign to teach all its PDLS the value of continuous learning and education. This is a guaranteed way to improving their lives and totally extinguishing recidivism.

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