Empowering Girls

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PP Cecilia Larita

Gone were the days when women are always demotivated by their position and significance in the society. Girls before are always at a disadvantaged side of the equilibrium, where girls and women worldwide face inequities in areas of education, practice of profession, health protection or their exercise of their right to life, property, religion and other political and social rights.

Equality is a fundamental human right. It is so much needed and is necessary for a peaceful , prosperous and sustainable world. Girls need not suffer nor experience significant violence nor so much poverty.

In his desire to alleviate better the life of women and girls of today’s generation, the RIP Shekhar Mehta, in his speech at the 2021 International Assembly, call on all Rotary Clubs and Districts all over the world to conduct and give emphasis and projects that will result in the better health and the well-being of girls by providing them better education and economic security.

He called for Rotarians to help uplift woman capacity and ability to be able to employ themselves. Help them to set goals and help them achieve those goals.  Empower, Uplift, Motivate and Inspire women and girls to be able to improve and define themselves as a worthy and men’s co-equal in every endeavor in the society which she belongs.