Education, Pandemic Style


Education is a treasure that will not be stolen and will not be lost no matter what happens around the world.

Elementary and high school years have been a big challenge in my life. My parents said even if a person is poor, when there is perseverance you can achieve success, and as a student, my dream like everyone is to get a diploma. This is an example for the next generation to follow.


The teaching method now is very different. We hear a lot parents complaining that they have to get the modules from the school, teach their children how to answer those modules. Some are doing online classes specially the college students. For online classes, you have to have a strong internet connection in order to be able to have a good interaction with your teachers and classmates during virtual classes. A lot of children do not go out to have Physical Education (PE) or flag ceremony on Mondays at the school grounds. The students only see their classmates and teachers at their computer screen. 

In public schools, the teachers are busy making the modules for their students. These modules are given to the parents at the start of the week. This will be answered at home and to be submitted to the teachers at the end of the week. Since children 18 below are not allowed to go out, it is usually the parents or elder siblings who gets the modules.

We, at the Rotary Club of Lubang Island, try to help the teachers and students cope with the new system of education. We donated 100 reams of bond papers to the different schools in the Municipalities of Looc and Lubang both in the primary and secondary levels.

RCLI together with Rotaract Club of Looc/Lubang launched a “Book Giving” and distribution of school supplies, hygiene kits and Seasons Pineapple Mango Juice projects to Looc  and Lubang Municipalities of Occidntal Mindoro, DSWD Sanctuary for elderly living in the Sanctuary. The fruit juices rich in vitamin C was donated by a company who has a big heart thru PP Felicidad “Fely ” Velandria, our Club Membership Vice Chair.

We also had “Ayuda Para Sa Edukasyon Ng Kabataang Babae,” a project wherein we hold a career orientation seminar for young girls and gave them cash allowance to finance their secondary Education

Undoubtedly, this pandemic has been affecting all of us since last year. We salute the teachers who painstakingly continue educating their students during this trying times. Hopefully, in God’s perfect time and will, everything will go back to what we used to be when the pandemic ends. Our club firmly believes that soon, this too shall pass.

LCP Myla Tarriela