Education Is The Ability To Listen!

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Education is listening. In a Rotary Club, every Rotarian’s opinion matters. This is an opportunity for each member to clearly know more about his or her club’s purpose and goal. This is the beauty of being a Rotarian wherein one will have the opportunity to know different people from different walks of life. 

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 Every day is an opportunity for every member to learn more when there is a club meeting and webinars of various clubs and from District 3810. Our club supports different webinars in which education and literacy are priorities. We acknowledge the fact that senior Rotarians have more knowledge than us neophytes. We need to be open to learn more and grow more. 

 When I was a child, whenever I heard about or saw a Rotarian, I always thought of them as people who transform lives, people who serve and put others before themselves. Not knowing that I will also become a Rotarian. This is very challenging because now that I represent RC Pasay Business District, I must protect the integrity of my club and of District 3810 so that the community will look up to us as respected Rotarians. 

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 Our beneficiary in RC Pasay Business District is Epifanio De Los Santos Elementary School, which our club continues to help them in this time of pandemic. We already provided two Wi-Fi and two televisions for the teacher’s online teaching program to students. 

 This coming Brigada Eskwela, the club is coordinating and supporting the school’s advocacy on Brigada Pagbasa entitled “My Buddy is My Responsibility.”  Our flagship project aims to donate reading materials like storybooks to fifty (50) lucky students. We also committed to provide them milk and groceries for a healthy educational experience. Basic Education and literacy is a process by which one expands one’s knowledge of reading and writing to develop one’s thinking and learning, to understand oneself and the world. This process is fundamental in achieving competence in every educational subject. As a Life-Changing President, I am proud to say that I am ready to learn every day and share my gift of learning to others.


LCP Carisa Dano