Dream Bag 2.0

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On the social media post of Rotaract Club of Teatro de Salinas on September last year 2020 it says, “Amidst pandemic learning should never stop. There will be no adversity in Education”. In lined with the action of taking part in saving the education of the little dreamers in the community of Dreamland at Muzon 1, Rosario, Cavite. This project is called “Dream Bag”, they delivered hope by sharing string bags and some stuff that they can use in learning during their home schooling. At that time the club is so much thankful to all the people behind the success of the new normal project, especially to LCP Cynthia Mercado, whose not yet been elected as an RC President, yet able to pulled so much effort in making the project possible.

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With the ingenuity of the project, LCP Cynthia “Chai” Mercado is so inspired to lift the program into another level acknowledging the inventiveness of RAC TDS.

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In coaction with RAC TDS LCP Penelofi Condol the “Dream Bag 2.0” reached to 100 little dreamers of Dreamland late July, 2021. The project costs Php 20,000.00 shared by LCP Chai and from the pocket of the club’s trusted sponsors, especially One Serenata Hotel.

Dream Bag 2.0 project distribution was attended by few RC Rosario club members, including LCP Cynthia “Chai” Mercado, PP Perlito John C. Pulia, SDG Sonny G. Mercado, and Rtn Shairine Daniell Prudente. Also, RAC Teatro de Salinas were all present, including LCP Penelofi Condol, LC VP Keirth Brun Papistol, and LC Sec. Edward Pangilinan.

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“By simply putting effort of sharing and supporting these little dreamers we are happy that they will be inspired to surpass education despite experiencing this global crisis. Dream Bag helped them go through schooling the first year of pandemic. I believe that Dream Bag 2.0 will let them face schooling on the second year being in a new normal”, LCP Chai said.

Dream Bag will continue to uplift these little dreamers to save a spot for their future. The RC Rosario and RAC Teatro de Salinas will always be a channel of hope for the people who see us as an inspiration. Together we will serve to change lives.