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LCP Beth Jeen Cinco Strella

“Nothing is impossible and difficult if you really want to”, nowadays I know that many children are dreaming on going back to school, but they have difficulties to get out because of the amount of protocols and guidelines and that’s why I decided to go on their place at Buna Lejos, Indang, Cavite, to give the little gift which somehow will can help on their studies especially now that they are only stayed and studying at home. I know that even in a small way they will still learn the importance of education no matter what is going on around them.

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As I handed my little gift to them and I see their smiles, I remember when I was a kid like them, it was a pleasant feeling, like you had new pencils and new pads of paper, I know it will motivate them to still work hard in their studies and they will feel that the pandemic is still not an obstacle to their studies. And I also didn’t forget to tell them, as much as possible they shouldn’t leave their house because they don’t know who the carrier of the virus is and they might get infected, in today’s time for children like them it is important to listen to the parents at all times. 

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I knocked over 15 children and gave them school supplies, and talked about the pandemic today and how contagious it is, I never got tired of going to their house even though the road was a bit uneven, because in return was their sweet smile.