A 0016 18.png
Robert Koa
District Governor
Rotary Club of Bagumbayan Manila
A 0015 17.png

Ernie Choa
District Trainer
Rotary Club of Bagumbayan Manila
A 0014 16.png

Edwin Seymour Chiu
District Secretary
Rotary Club of Bagumbayan Manila
A 0013 15.png

Vilma Vinluan
Chief of Staff
Rotary Club of Sampaloc
A 0012 14.png

Ricky Ongchan
District Treasurer
Rotary Club of Quirino Manila Central
A 0011 13.png

Jouie Gabat
SDG for Programs
Rotary Club of Ramon Magsaysay
A 0010 12.png

Jardine Bautista
SDG for Operations – Manila
Rotary Club of Downtown Manila
A 0009 11.png

Melvin Ordiales
SDG for Operations – Pasay
Rotary Club of Pasay Southeast
A 0008 10.png

Sonny Mercado
SDG for Operations – Cavite
Rotary Club of Rosario
A 0007 9.png

Catalina Calledo
SDG for Operations
Rotary Club of Lubang Island
A 0006 8.png

Michelle Casio
SDG for Public Image
Rotary Club of Manila Metro
A 0005 7.png

Kenneth Jamandre
SDG for District Publication
Rotary Club of Metro Escolta
A 0001 3.png

Zeni Yao
SDG – TRF Fund Development
Rotary Club of Chinatown Manila
A 0004 6.png

Len Hao
SDG – Membership
Rotary Club of Intramuros
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Willie Chua
SDG for District Events & Special Projects
Rotary Club of Bagumbayan Manila
A 0000 2.png

Philip Lee
Chief Governor’s Aide
Rotary Club of Chinatown Manila


Public IMage Team


Final GML Team

Front Row (L-R): SDG Kenneth Jamandre – Editor-in-Chief, PP Lory Mendoza – Advertising & Finance Manager.  Back Row (L-R): PP Omie Rocha – Area Correspondent for Pasay, RAC Daryl Laluna – Creative Director, PP Sallie Lacson – Area Correspondent for Cavite, PP Cecille Larita – Contributing Editor, CP Charlie Chua – Managing Editor, and PP Carlo Gono – Photo Director.  Not in  the  includes: PP Penny Taringting – Area Correspondent for Manila, PP Teya Tan – Area Correspondent for Manila, and PP Asuncion Pabellano – Area Correspondent for Mindoro.

Membership Development Committee

A 0016 18.png
PDG Lyne “Lyne” Alano Abanilla
District Chairman
A 0004 6.png
PP Lynda “Len” Hao
District Vice Chairman

Attraction and Engagement Head:   PP Leonora “Nora” Al Bawardy
Retention Head:  PP Rolando “Rolly” TIongco
Club Development Head:  PP Recto “Recto” Cantimbuhan

Manila Area Representative:  PP Aresio “Arsenic” Ong
Manila A Club Coordinator: PP Jannett “Janina” Valdes
Manila A Club Coordinator: PP Fedilla “Fhe” Osting
Manila A Club Coordinator: PP Herminio “Bobot” Salazar
Pasay Area Representative: PP Maria Angelina “Angie” Batallones
Pasay A Club Coordinator:   PP Ricky “RIckki” Bajen
Pasay B Club Coordinator:  PP Myra May “Myra” Lauraya
Cavite Area Representative:  PP Veronica “Meny” Cantimbuhan
Cavite A Club Coordinator:  PP Clodualdo “Jun” Narciso Jr.
Cavite B Club Coordinator:  PP Gemma “Gem” Parcia
Mindoro Area Representative:  PP Felix “Jun” Benrales Jr.
Mindoro Club Coordinator:  PP Darlene “Darlene” Dizon


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