Disease Prevention and Treatment

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PP Cecilia Larita

The pandemic became a great challenge for a Rotarian’s  desire to Serve Above Self with the danger of the COVID virus contamination.  This caused the regular service functions and activities in our district to temporarily stop or be done virtually.

Observing the required COVID prevention protocols, the threat and fear of COVID did not deter us Rotarians, to do our part in helping to flatten the curve and minimize the transmission.  One with the collective effort of the Government, health officials and other persons in authority, our RID 3810, under the leadership of our LCDG Robert Koa, together with his team of officers, the Life Changing Presidents and members of their respective Rotary Clubs, help promote COVID safety protocols to the communities they serve. There were also distributions of face masks, vitamins, food, and hygiene supplies all aimed to prevent and battle the pandemic.

Disease prevention is one of the seven Areas of Focus in Basic Rotary Service where  the Rotary Foundation joins hands with its partners in service in a global effort to cure diseases.  Through joint efforts and grants, the Rotary Foundation sets up clinics, blood donation centers, and training centers especially in the remote or underserved areas that are struggling with disease outbreaks and poor health care access.

This act of kindness in disease prevention goes a long way and bridge territories. It is a way to serve and change lives that inspires many and mostly the marginalized. Through the Basic Rotary Service of Disease Prevention and Treatment, Rotarians unite to provide a safe and healthy life for all.