Diabetes: Basic Education and Literacy

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LCP Hildegardes Dineros

All diabetics die with diabetes and majority succumb to the consequential complications from maltreatment. The big lie that diabetes is incurable stems from indoctrinated bias in the appreciation of health science, more profoundly expressed in medical norms. The basic knowledge that any diabetic person should acquire must be founded on truth. 

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The Diabetic Rotarian tests the science: Is it the truth? The most glaring evidence of inappropriate management of the ailment is the WHO definition that diabetes is a chronic, progressive metabolic disease leading to multiple organ damage. The characteristic progression to severity of the disease becomes the basis for what is commonly touted even by medical professionals as “diabetic for life”. 

This is far from the truth! It is not fair that the diabetic is misinformed and be hopeless, acquiescing to the idea of inevitable organ damage, loss of function and even loss of life. Maintenance of currently accepted medications means diabetes continues, health benefits being far outweighed by the continued body deterioration, fast aging, even death. With the complications setting in, the diabetic is not at peace with the self, tormented by all symptoms and the resulting mental anguish will never manifest goodwill and friendship between the body and soul. The current widely accepted science on diabetes fails in the Four-Way Test! 

What is the truth then?  First, SUGAR intake from food and drinks goes to the bloodstream as part of basic nutrition. Excessive and habitual intake of sugar initiates the body’s metabolic reactions, so whatever happens to the organs and tissues of the body is a response to the sugar load. Reversing overload of calories due to overeating and eating to live are in truth appropriate. Being restricted from habitual overeating is highly challenging because the belief system includes overeating as a norm. Second, DIABETES has a beginning and an end. It will only progress to manifest complications if it is not cured. Diabetes is curable! Thirdly, the HEALING LAW and its processes naturally operates even in damaged tissues, therefore Diabetes is reversible and so are its complications! Fourth, maintenance MEDICATIONS MAINTAINS THE DIABETES, the illness instead of wellness. Fifth, LIFESTYLE ENHANCEMENT towards a POSITIVE DIRECTION will manifest Eliminating Diabetes mode. 

Diabetes Literacy is about reading to consciousness its signs and symptoms.  This serves as an abridged introduction to the PAMPHLET on “ELIMINATING DIABETES” that will be distributed to the whole membership in RID 3810.