COVID Survivor Stories: Pain and Happiness After COVID -19

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Rotarian Ruel Garcia
RC Manila Espiritu Santo Tayuman

Before the pandemic, I was working at the Office of the President. My task was to monitor all government hospitals regarding their capacity and capability to cure all patients contaminated by COVID-19. Admittedly, I tested positive thrice thru antigen testing but negatively tested in PT-PCR.  That’s why I always said, in jest, that I’m immortal.  Actually, I felt safe because I was fully vaccinated.

This declaration  was completely wrong because lately I was infected by Covid-19. In the first 3 days, I experienced a dry  cough with an on and off high-fever.  For me, those were symptoms of the flu virus. However, I was categorically wrong because the fever became higher ranging from 38 to 40. So, my family decided to bring me to the hospital for treatment. And the hospital diagnosed me with the COVID-19 virus.

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The suffering at the hospital was so terrible because I was classified as a severe Covid-19 patient. Vomiting with blood thrice a day was a sign  that I was in critical condition. According to my physician,  my lungs had been internally bleeding due to a blood-tinged sputum. All vital signs such as blood pressure, oxygen level, pulse rate, went down to a critical level while my body temperature reached a higher level of above 40. My breathing became very difficult.

My attending physicians immediately administered two medicines (Tocilizumab and Remdevisir) to revive me. Both medicines were injected into me through an intravenous injection. After this, I experienced excessive sweating the whole night.

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The next day, I felt that my body was recovering. All vital signs went up near to normal while my body temperature went down to 37. That time, I immediately called up my family to check their status because they were not vaccinated yet. This caused anxiety  which contributed much to the slow phasing of my recovery.

Thanks to God because many people, especially Rotarians, sent their concerns through prayers and support to survive from this virus.  My appeal to every one of us is that if you are fully vaccinated, there is no assurance that you are free from contamination of COVID-19. The Office of the Presidential Spokesperson is appealing to us to remain vigilant and follow the health protocols – Mask, Iwas, Hugas + Bakuna is the proper solution to curb this virus as well as protect ourselves , our family and our community.

To all Rotarians, keep safe and no more Rotarians will suffer from this virus.  We can beat this in the same way as we did to polio.

Mabuhay tayong lahat!