COVID Survivor Stories: Memoirs of a Rotarian who Survived COVID-19

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LCP Art Rosaroso
RC Imus

COVID- 19 pandemic may have different impacts on every person depending on our status and the way it attacks our lives, but we cannot deny the fact we all felt its consequences. People have to abruptly adapt to work from home arrangement, remote delivery of learning for the children, ordering food and supplies online and deliveries, medical frontliners and others have no choice but to be exposed to the virus while trying to keep our lives moving forward.

The pandemic has also greatly affected the way of Rotarians in performing duties of helping and changing lives. However, it does not stop the Rotary Club of Imus and its partner institutions from keeping up with its social obligations through the help of partners and the Rotary Foundation which transforms gifts into projects that change lives.

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Through the hustle and bustle of life in the pandemic times, there came a time in my journey as a Rotarian that I have contracted with the disease brought about by the COVID-19 virus. Despite the keen observance of the precautionary measures and no matter how careful we were in following the minimum health protocols, I tested positive. Much worse is that my wife also suffered from the disease. Luckily, we only felt mild symptoms, maybe because we are fully vaccinated. Thank God we had it earlier. Our kids, also had symptoms but tested negative from the virus. As a leader of my family and of the institution and organizations I am affiliated with, I have tried my very best to be positive about the positive result of the swab test. We, as a family took care of each other more than ever. I have discovered that we are loved due to the overflowing expressions of love, support and well wishes from friends and loved ones.

All throughout our quarantine days, I did not stop from trying to make things happen for my family, work, and The Rotary Club. I just can’t afford to stall our projects and activities to make positive changes in the lives of other people. It is also in these trying times that I even more appreciate the activities that we do as Rotarians. The blood donations, the fund raising the environmental protection and conservation projects have become more significant for me. Suddenly, the urge to make things happen through the Rotary Foundation become more intense and I found more meaning in what we do as I have been exposed to the reality of the consequences of being afflicted with the corona virus. I also managed to help other people who also tested positive by communicating and referring them to right people who can also help them get through the illness.

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This minor setback also opened my eyes to major possibilities of creating bigger positive changes in other people’s lives. The goals of Rotary Foundation have become more personal for me rather than just a mere social obligation. I feel that I am truly blessed because in my own little way I become part of the noble act of eradicating polio and promoting peace, approaching challenges such as poverty, illiteracy, and malnutrition with sustainable solutions that leave a lasting effect.

And now, while living my life after COVID-19, the ways of the Rotary Foundation have inspired me to encourage and assist unvaccinated people to get vaccinated and continue what we have started with greater might and passion. With these small deeds, I know I can make a difference in other people’s lives just like what a true Rotarian should be.