Club Officers Trained to be People of Action


SDG Ken Jamandre
Rotary Club of Metro Escolta

The Virtual District Training Assembly (DISTAS) 2021 had one important goal – to help the Presidents and Club Officers get ready for a life-changing Rotary Year 2021-2022. This goal of service excellence was achieved last May 22, facilitated at the comfort of their chosen spots, and implemented by the organizers at various locations.

The one-day event held via Zoom was designed with topics and sessions that would guide the club officers in effectively accomplishing their club, district, and international goals. It was led by Incoming District Governor (IDG) Robert Koa and Incoming District Trainer (IDT)/ARPIC Ernie Choa, together with the formidable Executive Committee and dedicated team of the Rotary Club of Metro Escolta.

All the Life-Changing Presidents and their respective club officers from Cavite, Manila, Mindoro, and Pasay actively participated during the plenary and breakout sessions. The opening program was graced by Transformational Governor Odie Tarriela, who motivated the participants to succeed in their plans and to be prepared for a year of great service experiences.

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After recognizing all the dignitaries, guests, and District 3810 Rotarians, the morning plenary featured esteemed international speakers. Rotary Coordinator Eva Kurniaty of RI Zone 10A presented “Expand Our Reach for Membership.” Rotary Public Image Coordinator (RPIC) Haji Andre Suharto of RI Zone 10B and 10C discussed “New Channels, New Audiences.” Both speakers offered timely challenges, perspectives, and action steps to be pandemic and post-pandemic ready. They emphasized the adaptability of Rotarians in the digital age in improving membership engagement through social media.

There were adjustments with the schedule but otherwise proceeded as planned. The breakout sessions were grouped according to the eight officer roles: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Admin, Membership, Public Relation-Public Image, Service Project, and The Rotary Foundation.

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The participants for each breakout session were expertly facilitated by the District Trainers, namely:


  1. Life Changing Presidents with IDG Robert Koa, ISDG Maya Ciriaco, CP Chock Encabo, PP Arwin Serrano, and ICOS Vilma Vinluan
  2. Secretaries with IDS Edwin Chiu and ICOS Vilma Vinluan
  3. Treasurers with ISDG Jardine Bautista and IDS Edwin Chiu
  4. Club Administration with ICOS Vilma Vinluan and ARC Raymond Ciriaco
  5. Membership with ISDG Len Hao-Uy and CP Armin Demetillo
  6. Public Relations and Public Image with PP Mark Eugene Tan and ISDG Michelle Casio
  7. Service Projects with PP Elma Lagamson and PP Mark Eugene Tan
  8. The Rotary Foundation with PP Henry Ongchan, ISDG Zeni Yao, and PP Cora dela Rosa

The closing plenary session was presented by ARC Raymond Ciriaco, who guided everyone in their abilities to “Focus and Execute, Achieve Your Goals.” IDRR Leah Detruz and IAC John Paul Cabrero had a unique opportunity to present their ideas and goals at the plenary.

CP Chock Encabo did an excellent job as Program Director ensuring the smooth flow of the program together with the tech team and the support of RC Sampaloc. Dynamic hosts PP Erwin Macam and PDRR Candy Martino professionally handled the program with their chemistry and wit. The entire event was made possible with the help of all the District Officers, Happy Rotarians as moderators led by TP Sen Villanueva and PP Cess Encabo, and the Rotaractors led by IDRR Leah Detruz.

After all the learnings and messages of appreciation were thoughts to ponder of what is next. Certificates of Appreciation and all the training materials were shared with the participants after the training. The club officers are now better equipped with their ideas for execution

DISTAS Chair ISDG Ken Jamandre expresses his gratitude for the event’s success with 532 participants and the expectation that all the lessons will indeed be put into action as we start changing lives in the name of Rotary service.


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District 3810
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