Club Growth and Stability

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LCP Janoden Masbud Gubat

The Rotary Club of Manila Quiapo Central is a club composed of professionals and businessmen, involved in humanitarian services, encouraging high ethical standards in all vocations, helping build goodwill, peace and conflict resolution.

As the Life-Changing President of this club, we had a strategic club planning on club growth and inviting new members while retaining the old members.

On developing our club:
The RCMQC Executive Committee strengthens our club thru meetings and fellowship every 2nd and last week of the month.
We make sure that our club meetings, service activities and social events are interesting, fun, and worthwhile.
We also initiate hands-on projects so our club members will feel that they are welcome to the club.
We make a difference by sharing our service projects on how we change lives thru our social media accounts thus attracting and encouraging other people to join us.

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We let them understand our motto “Service Above Self,” and that being a Rotarian means to be actively involved in humanitarian services.
We also commit to diversity, integrity, leadership, fellowship, and services.
We motivate each member to be a proud Rotarian! Creating positive experiences.  And let everyone in our social network know that we are a proud member by changing our profile to “Serve to Change Lives.”
We use hashtags #D3810, #ServetoChangeLives, #ServiceAboveSelf” in every post on our social media accounts to show how we make a great impact in the world.

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As the RCMQC Life-Changing President, I was able to invite some of my friends to witness our activities in the Club. And some volunteered to join us upon seeing my postings of Rotary events and services on Facebook and YouTube.
We have programs to retain our current club members because they are just as important as inviting new members.
We support our District Governor’s Challenge to the best of our ability.
Let us support the endeavor of our Rotary International President Shekar Mehta, to do more and grow more. Do more even in a little way, as long as it has an impact to the community, and grow more in a way that every Rotarian will bring one Rotarian.

It is important to enhance our membership development plan and how we can achieve our goals and objectives towards long-term membership stability, to continually evolve, grow and improve our club by the end of the year.