Changing a Life in the Rainbowhood

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LCP Chai Mercado
Rotary Club of Rosario

As the world celebrates diversity in promoting gender equality, the Rotary Club of Rosario took the opportunity to do the same by holding the hand of our brother in the rainbowhood.

He is Mama Roda to many. He is an inspiration to a lot of LGBTQ family members whose stories are left untold. While he is now fighting diabetes, he still sets himself as an example of someone who’s not giving up, showing the courage to overcome his challenge, and determined to succeed, crawling to the finish line, if need be.

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Together with the Rotaract Club of Teatro de Salinas, the Rotary Club of Rosario organized to hear the story of an inspiring man and help him fulfill his wish for better health. LCP Chai Mercado and Rotaract LCP Penelofi Condol have been working hand-in-hand. They made their first act as Life-Changing Presidents the changing of the life of Mama Roda. By sharing their blessings, they lifted the spirits of one thankful resident of Muzon 1 in Rosario, Cavite.

LCP Cynthia “Chai” Mercado never misses a chance to uphold a humanitarian effort. She never doubts herself. LCP Chai carries not even a single dot of fear in her. She believes that her effort to pass the spirit of good deeds to another will be reciprocated and soon will be acknowledged by many. This first act of kindness is only a stepping stone to illuminate her burning desire to serve every individual.