Breast Cancer Awareness at All Times: It’s Time to Know! Webinar

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By LCP Keithlyn Tindoy
RC Manila JP Laurel Malacanang

Awareness. What is awareness? it is the state of being conscious of something, knowledge and understanding that something is happening or exists based on information.

Breast Cancer, it is the second most common cancer in women after skin cancer worldwide. Mammograms can detect breast cancer early, possibly before it has spread.  Breast cancer can occur at any stage, may it be at childhood, teenage years, or even at late adulthood. Breast cancer even occur in male although it usually occurs to men between 60 and 70 years of age, it only makes up less than 1% of all breast cancer cases around the world (PDQ Male Breast Cancer Treatment, 2021).

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October has been known to be Breast Cancer Awareness month globally, it was the first organized effort to bring widespread attention to breast cancer that lasted weeklong in the United States in 1985, which was founded by the American Cancer Society and the Imperial Chemical Industries Pharmaceuticals (Roger, 2020). Since then, it was globally recognized and celebrated to spread awareness and support for all the women and men out there. By wearing a color pink and conducting breast cancer seminars, we are all educating everyone about this disease.

As we celebrate the World Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Rotary Club of Manila JP Laurel Malacañang joined the movement and celebration of spreading awareness through the first series of Bandanas Festival webinar titled: Breast Cancer Awareness at all times: It’s Time to Know! held via Zoom and Facebook Live. Special guest speakers were invited to share their expertise, knowledge and experiences, including Dr. Carlo Evangelista, an expert in Palliative Care, Dir. Romi Marcaida of the Philippine Cancer Society for the Philippine Navigation Program, PP Lesan Lee, PP Marie Rose Delos Reyes, Ms. Noemi Sacatropez, Ms. Peachy Jimenez, and last but not the least, Ms. Melissa De Leon – Joseph. This webinar was shared via Facebook event invitation and through LED Billboard advertisement located at Ortigas east and west bound, Shaw boulevard, and C5 Makati which lasted from Oct 21 – 23.

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Fellow Rotarians and home viewers were able to watch and do the Breast Cancer Self-Assessment for free that will help each and everyone to know how and when do you think we should seek professional care. We were able to give out pillows that can be used during therapy, facemask, in addition of maintenance medicines such as, Vitamin C with Zinc and Caltrate for the Bones and Muscles to the members of KaBoobs Organization from the Philippine General Hospital.

With such glee, the Rotary Club of Manila JP Laurel Malacañang was proud to call the webinar a success. Many netizens attended and helped in spreading Breast Cancer awareness, not just to their loved ones but to every person they know.

Breast Cancer can occur to anyone, but with proper education of the disease, awareness, and professional help, we can overcome and win this fight against Breast Cancer!