Bloodletting Drive with the Philippine Red Cross

RCBM Photo 2

LCP Nick Lim

The power to save is possible when one is willing to serve and share. The Rotary Club of Bagumbayan-Manila joined the Bloodletting Program of the Philippine Red Cross which aims to collect enough blood to meet the demand for life saving blood for transfusion. The RCBM Troopers were there to honor blood donors who are the true heroes of these endeavors.

RCBM Photo 2

The RCBM Troopers supported the program by congratulating and honoring the blood donors for their time and effort in joining. We also gave them food packs to help them regain their strength after the procedure plus gift packs. We admire all those who have done something good for someone else. When we come together to help humankind, we are able to make our mark to the world.

RCBM Photo 3

In the Philippines where the dengue fever is prevalent, the much needed blood plasma for transfusion is often in demand and patients with severe  internal bleeding are the recipients of this bloodletting program. At RCBM we shall continue to give our time and effort to support this type of program that helps enrich and change lives for the better. We are proud to be a part of this program.