Best State of Health

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LCP Gerald Sergio

“Prevention is a whole lot less costly than treatment, and maybe more effective.” – Debbie Adair

It was on 3 July 2021 when the Rotary Club of Dasmariñas Cavite conducted its first community project for this Rotary year and it focused on Disease Prevention and Treatment – pap smear, cervical cancer, and vaginal infection screening.

Some fifteen mothers were given free testing, prescription, and medicines at Fabella-Narciso Medical Clinic through the sponsorship of Bio-aid Diagnostic Center in Dasmariñas, Cavite. Not only did the team give free testing, a seminar on the importance of self-protection, prevention and proper care of women’s private part was conducted by PND Charlene Fabella-Narciso. Detecting cervical cancer at the earliest time will give better chances of cure. Through pap smear, changes or abnormalities in cervical cells will be detected and will help in preventing the possible development of cervical cancer.

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Since being in a best state of health is one of the important things at present due to the COVID-19 disease, the club conducted information drive on the prevention of spread of the virus by posting COVID-19 protocol in public markets and distributed boxes of facemasks, gallons of alcohol and disinfectant to barangay and market front liners, and schools in Dasmariñas, Cavite.

As part of its prevention and to strengthen the immune system of elders, the club on 24 September gave free flu vaccines to elders at Fabella-Narciso Medical Clinic followed by distribution of paracetamol medicines and facemasks which were gladly accepted by our elder members of the Rotary Community Corps. With this flu vaccine shot, they will be protected from getting sick with flu or will reduce the severity of illness associated with flu which is a common symptom of corona virus.

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Another project conducted is the distribution of children’s vitamins, probiotic drinks, and thermometers to 75 children in Sitio Ipilan in Dasmariñas, Cavite. Considering that children are not allowed to go out, vitamins and probiotic drink were given to their parents and older siblings. Vitamins are best sourced from the food that we take but giving supplements through vitamins will help enhance the lack of sustenance these kids get since having healthy food is challenging to them.

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True prevention is not waiting for bad things to happen, it is preventing things from happening in the first place.