Balik Bayan, Balik Rotarian: RC Cavite Metro “3-in-1” Project

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RC Cavite Metro has been innovative in doing worthwhile projects irrespective of boundaries. That said, we do not limit our community projects to be confined within our club’s jurisdiction. RC Cavite Metro members are mixed of professionals with various roots from different provinces. So we thought of possibilities to provide projects and activities that would benefit our less fortunate but deserving kababayan where we grew up. And that’s where our BALIK BAYAN BALIK ROTARIAN idea kicked in! We empower our Rotary members to look back at their home provinces and initiate activities where RC Cavite Metro collectively can be of help.
Screenshot 1Province of La Union. Municipality of Naguilian. Brgy Gusing Sur, my chosen barangay where I grew up and have seen the daily grinds of people I have lived. As Club President of RC Cavite Metro, I have chosen this community because I feel for my ka-barangay and what matters most to them especially this time of Pandemic.


We started off on September 5, 2021 with gift giving of assorted grocery items, milk, vitamin C and multi-vitamins to ninety (90) senior citizens. These are people close to my heart in reverence to my mom who have been actively part at this group, welcoming and caring for each of their members. Such a joy to see happy faces of our elders receiving their gifts and knowing how appreciative they are with the little token we have given them.


While we care much about our elders, we cannot set aside our thoughts with schooling kids. We then embark on another gift giving on September 10, 2021. This time, providing the needed school supplies to pupils from 1st Grade to 6th Grade of the Gusing Sur Elementary School Annex of which one hundred fifty (150) students in total as recipients. I can vividly remember the same happy smiles I had whenever we received similar essential supplies from group of people such as Rotary Club doing such good works. I felt best that I am able to extend a hand and being the giver, to represent Rotary Club of Cavite Metro at this time.

Next stop, our Barangay Peacekeeping brigade (Barangay Tanod). We are definitely grateful for this group of people whose duty is primarily to conduct “Rondas” or nightly patrols, necessarily exposing their lives and limbs to danger in the hands of not so good elements so that we may be provided with a sense of security in our community. At that note, we wanted to give equal attention. The least that we can contribute is to equip them with essential gears such as safety caps & reflectorized safety vests, long sleeves uniforms, hand gloves and baton. We have turned over these items on September 11, 2021. This has benefitted our courageous and strong team of 10-man Barangay Tanods.


As it turned out, we have completed our 3-in-1 project: Gift Giving to our Senior Citizen, School Supplies to our schooling kids and Equipping our Barangay Tanod.

Kudos to our local partners in ensuring safety protocol while we conduct the various activities in relation to our Balik Bayan Balik Rotarian! Truly this is another meaningful project, giving back to our society… for our Elders whom we have so much respect and deserve our care, our schooling kids who may have confined in their homes during this pandemic but ensuring them learning must go on and more importantly our Barangay Tanod that by equipping them we echo the message that we care as well for their safety.


Indeed, Rotary’s helping hand has no boundaries. I feel very nostalgic when we inspire and encourage Rotarians to take the road back home, to home sweet home and willingly share our endowed gifts.


3-in-1 project is much more than possible! RCCM, Yes We Can!