Anything is Possible


LCP Hildegardes Dineros

RC Manila Cosmopolitan beats infancy blues when its new membership as of July 1 expanded the club by a whooping 225%! A feat by itself! But wait! Imagine each and every member being fully Rotarized, life changed towards a positive end, selflessly serving others and brings in one additional member every quarter. A logarithmic growth surge is feasible and sustainable with a highly focused Vision: Conversion of the Rotarian into a Positive and Healthy Lifestyle. The Mission specializes on having 1. Biologically Healthy members, 2. Coherent and Stress-free Attitude, 3. a Behavior filled with Positive and Healing Energy. This noble vision enables the Rotarian to practice the Four-Way Test allowing communal expression of the motto “Service Above Self”. When we have succeeded in positively changing our very lives, then we can affect the change in the lives of others.

Our club wholeheartedly accepted the challenges posted by RI President Shekhar Mehta and our own RD 3810 Governor Robert Koa. The motion is set to sideline mediocrity, inspire, empower and guide all members to achieve extraordinary accomplishments. The collective endeavors are streamlined with the flagship project at “Eliminating Diabetes.” The biggest consideration goes to the Rotarian who is freed from the slavery of being diabetic, indeed life-changing. Imagine that a converted and healthy Rotarian living in a positive lifestyle becomes the ideal for others to emulate!



Starting with the RC Manila Cosmopolitan membership, then involving all clubs and all members of Rotary District 3810 and even to the other districts of RI, we will focus on this real worldwide health epidemic with much dreaded complications causing significant morbidity and mortality. Thru a series of webinars, the diabetic attains the merits of true education about the disease hence the treatment and prevention of complications. Then comes the basic education on nutrition for young women (Interact and Rotaract) as well as the mothers as they are responsible for the food preparation in the home for their children.

We aim at Food production focused on healthy plant-based food consumption. by designating and establishing Rotary Community Corps thus empowering our indigenous peoples and poverty-stricken population. The economic development that follows supports the natural environment and even assures resolution of conflicts and establishing peace within the involved population. All areas of focus are covered with the vision considering as well that the economically oppressed also deserves potable hygienic water, a project of similar importance in the theme “Serve to Change Lives”.

The membership of RC Manila Cosmopolitan may individually handle a project, work as small groups or bigger group such as the whole club. We believe in the idea of abundance instead of scarcity. We trust in the Love of God the Almighty to provide for what is needed. The resources are available, we only need to claim them to be subdued, multiplied, and replenished so that our productivity serves humanity optimally. These will come to pass, “for with God, nothing shall be impossible.” Luke 1:37.