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John Dewey once stated in “Thinking in Education” that the “method of instruction needs improvement, which exact, promote, and test thinking.

Education is a right and not a privilege.  Though this correct, it is still hard to provide the right education with out the proper tools, infrastructure and most the proper force to patiently convince the youth who passed on this right to be able to survive in this world.

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Dasmarinas Elementary School, headed by its Principal Ms. Elena P. Bayan together with her team introduced to us one of their latest advocacy the Alternative Learning System.  It offers an opportunity to out of school youth to be able to feel that it is right for them to continue their education no matter what the circumstances are.

As an organization who value that education is for everyone, Rotary Club of Metro Dasmarinas decided to grant their request to rehabilitate a room to allow the youth to have a rendezvous point to foster creativity.

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Every year, each club receive a grant provided by the district.  For this year, we decided that this right of education be given to these out of school youth of different sector arranged by Dasmarinas Elementary School.  The before and after picture of the allocated space is hereby presented as our way of showing support in bridging the education which we believe is important part of our education system and local community service.  This rehabilitation will commence as soon as the necessary logistics are finished and the safety protocol measures are in place.  

In the height of this global pandemic and the threat of a more aggressive one, safety is most important.  However, no matter how difficult the world can be, we strive to find ways to make it better.  This collaboration between Dasmarinas Elementary School and Rotary Club of Metro Dasmarinas is a demonstration of our commitment to allow those who were deprived to enjoy their right of education to have this chance of an opportunity to show diversity and inclusivity.  

The alternative learning is the platform where program is expanded and strengthened to provide increased opportunities for out of school youth in our community.

We believe that the implementation of non-conventional learning paved way to the rights for education by marginalized groups.  And as long as there are dedicated teachers, advocators, and organizations who work and unite together, the possibility to change lives is limitless.