Addressing Malnutrition amid the Pandemic

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LCP Amelyn Borbon

Nowadays, the number of malnourished people is in our society. Undeniably, it is one of the big issues that needs to be addressed in our country. It is one reason why our country is unable to easily recover from the pandemic due to illnesses caused by malnourishment. This happens in the present situation where many of our countrymen have passed on after suffering from diseases because they have poor immunity. This issue must be addressed properly or else there will only be small possibility of escaping from this difficult situation.

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To help government addressing this problem, the Rotary Club Manila Tourist Belt has administered the Feeding Program for the Hungry Gypsies or street children and hungry Individuals along the Manila Bay, Kalaw, Luneta and Taft and near our building. Moreover, the club also administered the distribution of relief goods for the people of Barangays Pulo, Hagunoy, Taguig who were affected by extreme flooding and other tragedies. This program is administered with Barangay 669, Zone 72, headed by Chairwoman/Charter President Cynthia Llorente and the assistance of all the RCMTB members.

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The beneficiaries of this program are those who need care, advice, and nourishment especially the children These individuals must feel they are loved and given care so that despite of their difficult experiences, they will still have hope to continue living. Furthermore, because our nation is under the pandemic, we must help and support our campaign to fight malnutrition so that we can recover quickly. If this significant endeavor continues, we can expect fast recovery because of strong immunity, and these are realized when we remain healthy.

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As a Life Changing President, I can say that there is a huge impact from this program as we see the faces of our beneficiaries full of hope and happiness who are reminded that there are benevolent persons willing to show compassion.

The Rotary Club Manila Tourist Belt is enthusiastic and wholeheartedly willing to extend nutritional assistance to every individual in need.