A Wheelchair Project as a Gift of Mobility

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LCP Nick Lim

Mobility is the ability to move freely but not everyone else has the ability to do so. The Rotary Club of Bagumbayan-Manila has a heart for the community of People With Disability (PWD). With the full support of the RC Bagumbayan Troopers, we are able to procure wheelchairs that are highly functional with the goal of providing the life changing gift of mobility to as many people for the benificiaries able to move with ease.

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We also believe that mobility creates independence to enhance the abilty of participation in society and earn a living. We also want to empower people with disabilty to revitiliaze their lives by being mobile to renew their dignity and lift their lives off the ground into a new life.

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With that in mind and with compassion, we are pleased to share that we donated 50 sets of brand new wheelchairs in full support to the Manila local government unit. This is to benefit the people of Manila in the hope to change lives one a time. It is a rewarding experience to be able do this and share our blessings to reward others this gifts.

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Meanwhile, in celebration of their birthdays Past Pres. Edison Ayroso and Pres. Nick Lim donated nebulizer machine and blood pressure apparatus. The RCBM troopers would continue to bond together and carry on with a worthy projects for our community.