A True Servant Leader

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Rtn. Jessy Marata

What does the heart of a true servant leader look like?

It was 2012 when I first met Mike, my former boss via an online job interview for a work from home recruitment consultancy position. Online jobs were very new to us at that time so it was such a blessing to secure one for myself.

In almost 5 years of working with my boss, I have seen characteristics of a true servant leader in him. He is a man of integrity and vision as he is courageous and has a caring heart. We will never forget how he made a hard decision of acquiring the company that we were working for just so that we, the employees, will never have to lose our jobs. Mike has accomplished incredible things at a young age but he remains humble and charitable. He finds joy in helping those in need, in silence.

To his six children, Mike is a provider, protector and a disciplinarian with an amazing sense of humor. There is never a dull moment with him. Mike is also blessed with a loving and supportive wife, Evie. She is the Transformational President of Rotary Club Manila Espiritu Santo Tayuman and was the one who encouraged Mike to be actively involved in the Rotary Club.

Over the years, his wife witnessed how service-oriented Mike is. She believes that by God’s guidance and through Mike’s leadership and passion to improve the well-being and growth of other people—the goals of the Rotary Club of Manila Espiritu Santo Tayuman for year 2021- 2022 are easily achievable.

The heart of a servant leader prioritizes service above self and this exactly is the heart of the RCMEST Life Changing President, Mike Uy.