A Tribute to PDG Richard “Charoy” Marquez: A Family Man, Mentor, and Friend

PDG Charoy 1

DAD Jeanine Policarpio
RC Hiyas ng Bacoor
Ann President – RC Bagumbayan-Manila

It is an honor to write this tribute to PDG Richard Mendoza Marquez – a friend, colleague, a great leader, a true Rotarian, a husband, a father, and a loving grandfather. He had lived his life to the fullest fondly known to many as Gov. “Charoy”. He was known for his energy that was boundless and he generously shared it with everyone. Despite the achievements in his life he remained grounded and connected easily to a lot of people.

Being a Rotarian myself, I could not help but to be in awe with his achievement – being one of the charter members of the first Rotary Club in Asia the Rotary Club of Manila. His special leadership and charismatic personality were readily apparent that later on paved the way for him to becoming the Most Outstanding President in RY 1989-1990. He also joined the Rotary Club of Bagumbayan-Manila as one of its charter members.

PDG Charoy 3

It was clear that with the achievement he has been accorded since then and the longstanding professionalism he became the Rotary District Governor for RY 2000-2001. He remained passionate about those true values that Rotary International has instilled in him that he continued to transform and shared his innovative thinking and visionary spirit to his fellow Rotarians.

Having shared quite a few moments with him, I learned a great deal about his love for his family the only legacy that will preserve Gov. “Charoy’s memory is that: “He was a loving husband to his wife Ann Past President Evelyn Marquez. She knew how lucky she was for having a husband like Gov. Charoy always making sure that everything was okay. He was sensitive and often jokingly refers to himself as ‘asawang musunurin’. She fondly recalled how his husband enjoyed his favorite drink soda Coke while having a massage from his private nurse which was the last memory she had with her husband. Never a dull moment but always endearing the simplest things in life that made her husband happy”.

PDG Charoy 2

He was a loving father to his son, Joseph and daughter-in-law, Princess. Joseph knew his father as “a man of few words” but has always reminded him; “to be fair”, “to do what is right”, “to put his family first” but “always be ready to help people in need”.

He was a loving grandfather “Lolo” to his grandchildren which he never forgets to say goodnight by visiting them to their house. With the limitations of the pandemic his grandchildren recalls how their “Lolo” would bring them treats from Mc Donald’s drive thru they would just wave at him from a distance to say “thank you”. Liam and Chloe recall how much their “Lolo” loves them that they didn’t even need to ask their “Lolo” but he’s always ready to give.

He was a loving friend, a big brother to many. The last memory I had with him was from our last trip to Yokohama, Japan together with his wife and his brother. He made sure that we are taken care of like a big brother, reminding us of time, making sure that we all have what we need and always being the funny man ready to crack jokes when boredom strikes. It was never a dull moment when Gov. “Charoy” is around.

His dedication to serve and find ways to be able to continue to collaborate with his fellow Rotarians never bored him he would always share his knowledge and join activities that will help improve the community.

We wish that we will have more Rotarians like him.  He is one of a kind and will be missed as a colleague and a friend.

PDG Richard Mendoza “Charoy” Marquez – a caring and beloved family man, a cherished Rotarian Trooper, and a friend – will be missed by many, but never will he be forgotten by those who were fortunate enough to have known him!