A Thousand Unforgettable Smiles

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LCP Peaches Pasion

I came across a great philosophy which I intently commit to up to this day: “Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.”

RC Pasay Cyber City has been successful with our past activities dedicated to the children, so much so that donations poured in from PAGCOR and from other Pasay Rotary Clubs.

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We extend our utmost gratitude to PAGCOR and their Board of Director James Patrick ‘Jimmy’ Bondoc for being one with us in this advocacy to encourage hope and positivity to the children during this pandemic by generously donating 500 sets of school backpacks. Each bag included supplies of: 3 pcs. pencil, 1 pc. sharpener, 1 pc. pencil case, 1 pc. eraser, 2 pads of Intermediate paper, 1 pc. writing notebook, 1 pc. ruler, 1 box of 16-color crayons, 1 pc. scissor, 1 pc. towel, tooth care kit (1 kit comprised of 1 pc. toothbrush and 1 tube of toothpaste), 1 pc. hand soap, 1 pair of slippers, and 1 pc. raincoat.

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Special thanks as well to LCP Weng Caballo of RC Pasay Maharlika for the reading books they shared to our club which brought so much delight to the kids!

We did not hesitate to act fast in this mission since we were also excited to deliver these to the kids. We distributed the goods to the following:

  • Wawa Elementary School (70 pcs. of backpack sets, 5 sacks of rice, 91 pcs. of reading books, and 130 pcs. of multivitamins)
  • Spectrum CDC Daycare School, Pasay City (30 pcs. of backpack sets)
  • Balonai Elementary School, Midsalip, Zamboanga Del Sur (150 pcs. of backpack sets)
  • P. Burgos Elementary School, Pasay City (150 pcs. of backpack sets)
  • 100 pcs. of backpack sets bound for Catigbian Central Elementary School, Bohol and,
  • 1,000 pcs. of multivitamins to the communities in the 5th district of Leyte

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These donations were worth a thousand smiles to the children and their parents, and worth a thousand of love to our club. Much enough to allow today’s children to move forward and make them believe that the world is getting better by the day.

Known as one of RC Pasay Cyber City’s “rock”, our PP Rainier Guzman was lauded for their company’s donation of 15,000 pcs. of KN95 facemasks worth PhP 50,000 to Light TV Foundation. Their company was also hailed for its mission to provide affordable but quality vaccines such as Varicella, Hepatitis-A vaccines, and Rapid Dengue Test kits.

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We definitely do not fall short of unsung heroes during these times, the simple acts of compassion and generosity transforms us into one.