A Tale of How I Became a Rotarian Because of Paul Harris

carlo 1

AG Carlo Goño
PP Cecilia Larita

For more than a decade, my father CP Efren G. Goño and members of RC Manila South have been inviting me to become a member every time we meet. I once responded that one Rotarian in the family is enough. I was just pleased to support my father in his Rotary service.

One day, he told me to attend their club meeting which is always a Thursday lunch at Casino Español. He said that I have to personally receive a Paul Harris pin that he got under my name. I was curious with questions on who Paul Harris is and why do I have to personally receive it. He casually said, just attend, besides food is always good there. I agreed and the story got better.

carlo 2

So on March 12, 2015 I attended the meeting and after a good lunch, I was called to the front to be presented my own Paul Harris pin. I thought that was it. That was a good time with great honor. The tale continued when a member motioned that the required three meetings to become a member be waived. To my surprise, it was immediately seconded.

Before I know what was happening, I was already being charged by PP Ricky Valdes and later inducted by then Club President Rey Dy-Reyes. It was witnessed PP Cecilia Larita and my father as sponsor.

carlo 3

That was the start of my Rotary journey, thanks to Paul Harris.

In RY 2018-2019, I became the Inspiring President of our club. I was the first second-generation member and president of our club.

I am glad to share an interesting series of events from an unassuming lunch meeting to being grateful in active service as district officer this Rotary Year.