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By LCP Merla Ramirez 

In the second month of my leadership, we at Rotary Club of Imus East is coming  up with an adoption of a less privileged community in our city. We have made  plans in alleviating the difficulties this community is experiencing. Our projects for  the Areas of Focus will be concentrated to this community, however, the time  constraints in coordinating our action plan to various concerned establishments to implement our education projects is being hampered by MECQ. Though the  coordination of the planned project is underway, the implementation is not  happening yet, however, we have other ways to initiate our Education and Basic  Literacy projects. 

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For many years now, we have been supporting various public schools within Imus  and Bacoor whether through Brigada Eskwela or other Education-based project  request from them. It was our promise to continue in serving them even in this  pandemic time and scheduled a visit in one of the schools with the intention to  help them in their need.  

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We, and I mean, myself as the Life Changing President together with the  generously kind IPP Myrna Dacanay, defied the odds by going to one of the  schools we support last August 10, 2021 which is Buhay na Tubig Elementary  School in Imus, Cavite. We may not have given the school anything innovative,  but to us, we have given them something significant for the Teachers’ efficiency  in producing the modules needed by their students when school starts in  September. Most of the students in Buhay na Tubig Elementary School are into  the module learning system due to their financial diifficulty and so the Teachers will have a better use of the reams of bond papers we have donated to them  because they need it in printing many copies of the modules. Not ignoring the  Teachers and Staff’ safety of this public school, we provided them anti-covid  essentials such as face masks, face shields and alcohol to protect themselves  against the Covid virus and somehow help them work effectively. 

We were received with warmth and sincere gratitude for our donation to the school and their incoming students undergoing blended learning system. Somehow, we were elated with this acceptance, a show of appreciation for  something so small and yet valuable to them. RC Imus East never forgets a  promise which we have made, to continue in assisting our adopted public schools  and making a life changing service to them through this challenging year.