A Member that Lasts Forever

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LCP Gerald Sergio

Enjoy Rotary!

The words that PDG Roberto “Obet” Pagdanganan uttered to me when he welcomed me to Rotary after my induction in year 2015. These words and the smile on his face is the start of a new beginning, my life in Rotary.

It was a start of something new, but something is lacking, I do not know who organized, when organized, where organized, why Rotary was organized. Other than a few information given to me by the sponsor and club members, I do not know the origin of the organization where I belong. This is why when the ABC’s of Rotary pamphlet from our district was released, Our club immediately sponsored additional 100 copies to be distributed to new members of the district to acquaint them of the organization.

1st regular meeting

Last July 10, our club conducted a Rotary orientation to five new and prospective members where the ABC’s of Rotary was discussed. A very substantive flow of ideas about Rotary were imparted by the prospective members during the said meeting.

1st regular meeting QQ5E8

Quality membership is the lifeblood of the organization while the president is the heart that pumps the blood to the entire organization to make it work. For this, our club has elected President for the next ten (10) Rotary Years or until 2031. Rotary International or the district has not yet elected its president or governor for year 2030-2031, but our club already have one and our elected club president will wait and welcome the election of his RI president and district governor. For this year, our club will be electing the president who shall serve for Rotary year 2031-2032. This will not only ensure continued membership but a fully acquainted and well engaged president.

rcdc orientation pic

Engaging members is a very nice way of making them feel that they belong to the family, especially the new ones. New members often do not start conversations but giving them functions will make them feel their importance and sense of belongingness to the organization.

Becoming a member is as simple as paying your dues or giving your pledges to club projects. We should be ecstatic members by actively participating in projects and seeing the faces of the people whose stomachs we have filled, whose hearts we have touched, and whose lives we have changed.

An ecstatic and engaged member is the one who will last forever.