A Blessing in Disguise

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LCP Merla Ramirez

This is voicing out what do I think of The Rotary Foundation, my disclaimer at this early part of my article. Ever since I joined our club sometime 2000, I was a silent member because I am that shy and timid. True, I help the club in my own way, but I don’t quite understand this Rotary Foundation. Even if my husband was so dedicated in Rotary, I let him be for he was happy in what he was doing in the club. I don’t even ask because I had my children and my work. Maybe in passing he was able to explain this, but then again, it didn’t sink in.

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As the Life Changing President, I had to attend lots of webinars regarding the Rotary Foundation and it enlightened me. I used to think it was just shelling out money to Rotary with nothing in return. True again, nothing in return, but little did I know that it is actually a blessing in disguise. In fact, I will not be expressing this now if I had not seen the effects of this Rotary Foundation. Many less privileged people especially those street vendors and scavengers in our community were beneficiaries of the Rotary Foundation through our district grant on our Flagship Project: Kariton Pangkabuhayan. As they say, seeing is believing.

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Being close with IPP Myrna Dacanay who is guiding me in this leadership role, I have seen the many blessings she and her family received when she went beyond her normal giving to the Rotary Foundation. When I participated last year in giving, I received blessings unexpectedly, streams of income abounds and the same happened with the work and small business of my children. There is nothing I want more than a better life for me and my children, and somehow this Rotary Foundation is giving back to me and to the members of RC Imus East. It is rightful to commend the support and generosity of PP Abraham “Abe” Flores, PP Isidro “Dax” Dacanay and PP Rodrigo “Rod” Mapoy in giving their annual fund share to the Rotary Foundation last August and September 2021.

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Now that Rotary Foundation is clear to me, I will continue encouraging all our members to contribute in this, enlighten them further on its benefits and be happy when they received their own blessings.