RC San Jose under the New Leadership!

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LCP Ruby Alferos
Rotary Club of San Jose

Rotary Serve to Change Lives!

The Pre-PETS, Summer Fellowships, Completion of the President and Secretary Courses, and PETS. Attending these via Zoom and Rotary Learning Center was an immense contribution to my knowledge as the Life-Changing President. I was asking myself, “Kaya ko kaya ito?” After exchanging ideas and thoughts with TP Hanna and other long-time members of our club, I was inspired by their encouraging words.

To start with and to help me in the implementation of all my plans for the Club under the New Leadership, I have the following officers with me:

President Ruby Alferos TRF Mateo Tayag
Secretary Asuncion R. Pabellano Youth Rodel Bahia
PE/Treasurer Karen Trajeco International Ronald Madrigal
Asst. Treas Rosalinda Arguelles Education Cromwel Lorico
Auditor Shaun Kristine Pabellano Public Image Jonathan Sevilla
PRO Eternally de Lara Environment Tintin Sarmiento
Sergeant-at-Arms Willy Enriquez &
Oswald Dizon
Women Empowerment, RCC Darlene B Dizon
Membership Edwin Arevalo Ex-Officio Hanna Joy Frangue
Vocational Ma. Belen Pantaleon


During the Club Planning and Budgeting for Rotary Year 2021-2022, held at the ALPS Resort, Rizal, Occidental Mindoro, we strategized implementing the Governor’s Challenge.

  • To achieve a 10% increase in Membership, we have to recognize the participatory role of the Rotarians’ spouses in increasing membership and to define a functional relationship.We created RAISER: Rotarian spouses, Alliance for Advancement, Inspiration, Innovations and Support for Service, and Excellence of the Rotary Club of San Jose
  • To support the Rotary Foundation, we will have aggressive fund campaigns, sponsorships, and efficient collection. The Ways and Means Committee will be tapped for this.
  • To sponsor at least 2 new members to the club
  • To accomplish at least 13 out of 25 Rotary Citation by April 15, 2022
  • To implement an environment project Gulayan sa Bakuran. It is a backyard gardening project with possible program partners, i.e., DA, RCC, and DSWD.
  • To implement and accomplish signature projects that will institutionalize the Club’s identity. We will continue the Scholarship Program of TP Hanna, set up a Rotary E-Library Hub, and apply for a Matching Grant.
  • To implement a project to help empower girls. We will launch the Skills ang Puhunan, Dagdag Kita at Kaalaman Project. It is a Vocational Skills and Development Program that can tie up with TESDA, DSWD, Dep-Ed, PGOM, and other private establishments/individuals.
  • To support at least one of the District Youth Programs or charter a Rotaract/Interact Club. We will conduct club formation and sponsorship mapping to organize an Interact Club in Junior High School.
  • To accomplish Public Image activity. We will intensify our advocacy and media mileage thru FB page, social media, and posting of tarpaulins to boost Rotary’s image in the community.
  • To ensure 100% attendance to DISCON. We formed OPLAN DISCON 2022 to motivate and encourage members to attend DISCON.
  • To intensify collection of payment for the Rotary Magazine subscription
  • To attend the RI Convention, join the District Rotary Day Services, and attend at least one of the 2021-2022 Rotary International Presidential Conferences. We must “Be Informed” and proactively update ourselves on RI issuance bulletins, communications, and activities.

Internally, we will create a Council of Past Presidents to guide the new leaders, adopt the Kaibigan Ko Hila Ko to increase membership, take care of member education, improve the collection of membership dues, and organize and protect the organizational knowledge of the Club.

Externally, we have projects for each of the Seven Areas of Focus, such as “Alagang Nanay, Alagang Rotary”, “Malinis na Tubig Iwas Sakit”, and “Tulong Dunong ng Rotary Club of San Jose”.

The Rotary Club of San Jose believes that alone we can do little, but together we can make a difference. We can do more. We can save and change the lives of the people in the community.