100 Packs of Hope: An Adopt-a-School Project of RC Imus Independencia

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By:  Rtn. Kristin Love J Layague

Typhoons usually spell disaster, trauma, destruction and anxiety. The opposite is true, however, for people who get unexpected glimmer of hope from strangers.

Blessings poured along with the heavy rain and whooshing wind for 100 families on July 23, 2021, as they received help from the hearts of the members of the Rotary Club of Imus Independencia (RCII), headed by LCP Rolando P. Dilidili.

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Typhoon Fabian might have blocked the streets of Imus and Kawit, Cavite but it did not restrain volunteers of RCII from flooding the covered court of Wakas Elementary School with hope as they handed over individually wrapped food packs to families in need. This is part of RCII’s pledge of service to change lives, especially during the pandemic. It can be recalled that earlier this year, the organization, headed by LCP Rolly, launched a concept of new leadership with the vision to serve people towards attaining success. They have done various activities including webinars, physical donations, and the like. This time, they partnered with the said educational institution under their Adopt a School Program.

To ensure order, safety and efficiency of distribution, Dr. Irene Geroy, Principal of Wakas Elementary School, willingly led their zealous PTA Officers and teachers in assisting the members of RCII. Recipients eagerly lined up in the covered court with sighs of relief– thankful to survive a few more days of these trying times. Heightened restrictions are soon to come again, and the following days would have been a struggle sans these provisions. 

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RCII did not compromise public safety, even when several people were gathered. Government health regulations were strictly followed by both parties. They held the event in an open area with ample space for social distancing. All attendees were required to wear face masks. As they say, great leaders are great followers.

The activity concluded successfully despite the inconveniences caused by the pandemic–topped with interminable rain and barely passable roads. Passion for service does make anything possible. RCII team then discussed with parents and teachers to get firsthand opinions on their local needs and conditions. During the discussion, parents and teachers raised a concern on struggling readers that need access to reliable and free reading materials. Despite their best efforts to provide sufficient educational tools, their funds would not suffice the growing demand. Coincidentally, RCII has ongoing projects like this and agreed to lend a hand. Due to the cooperation and generous spirit of the team and the school’s stakeholders, they now have a concept for their next visit.

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Although the main goal of RCII is long-term success and independence for the people, they still believe that it is important to take small steps first. Thus, traditional acts of charity are still part of the process. A leader knows that to boost morale, s/he should make his/her presence felt whenever needed. For the hundred families that day, it wasn’t only food that they received but a message of hope saying, “We are here with you. Let us survive and rise together. We can conquer this pandemic; we can conquer life.”